Why You Need to Start Gardening Now

Burns Calories

Gardening is considered as a moderate intensity workout which can help the gardener burn around 330 calories just by light gardening for an hour. Unbelievable, isn’t? So, if you want to lose those extra pounds, you should begin gardening as soon as possible! With proper diet, you could burn those unwanted fats faster! Besides, gardening allows you to live a sustainable lifestyle by growing your own food, which means you’re also saving energy. Your body will get more nutrients from homegrown food compared to store-bought food too! It’s a win-win in every corner!

Lowers Chances of Getting Osteoporosis

Gardening stretches your muscles and bones, preventing you from developing osteoporosis. The repetitive jobs like planting, digging, and weeding can exercise your body without you realizing it.

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Alleviates Stress

Troubled lately? Don’t worry; gardening can do the trick. It can relieve stress by lowering your cortisol levels. Gardening has been effective in giving people peace of mind. What’s not to like about this activity anyway? (Well, perhaps the pests)

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Decreases Risk of Heart Disease and Diabetes

Taking care of your garden requires you to be active. Being active not only lowers your cortisol, but it also reduces your chances of having diabetes or a heart disease. In fact, it can even help prevent obesity. Plus, eating organic food is great for your body in ways you can’t possibly count with your fingers and toes.

Decreases Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Keeping your mind sharp is another benefit offered by gardening. Who would want to develop Alzheimer’s anyway? By gardening, your concentration will improve and you’ll be creative and resourceful too. The activities you’ll encounter in your day-to-day gardening can reduce your chances of developing the disease by 50%, which is a really good deal.


Improves Attitude

If you’ve realized you’re becoming too pessimistic about life or you’re being too harsh lately, you need to start gardening. Devoting yourself to plants can make you more compassionate, not just to nature, but to people as well. Gardening is an excellent way to become more patient. It also leads to better and more positive relationships with people. Studies show that gardeners are more likely to be emphatic to others too! It doesn’t just give physical and mental benefits, gardening has social benefits too. What a great day to be alive!

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