Sustainable Living with LED Grow Lights

Even though LED grow lights have been receiving criticisms because of their expensive price tags, there’s no doubt that they’re the better options when you put them side by side with other types of lights. LED lights give your plants the appropriate light they need to receive for every growth stage, and that’s not the only advantage—they are advocates of a greener environment too!

Below are the reasons why LED grow lights promote a sustainable lifestyle.

They are eco-friendly


LED grow lights generate less heat if you compare them to the hot filaments used in other bulbs like HPS and CFL. This is the reason why even if they are utilized for long hours, they don’t feel hot nor build up the heat. These lights produce more light and less heat and therefore do not increase the temperature and the humidity levels of the environment. Unlike CFL and HPS, LEDs don’t demand additional fans or air conditioners to keep the air circulating. Excess heat can be avoided with LED grow lights, as well as additional costs for other ventilation equipment! With these lights, your plants can grow and mature without being damaged. Your indoor marijuana crops will even be healthier, causing them to yield more. Want quality plants? Use LEDs!

They have a cool operating temperature

As mentioned earlier, these lights don’t release much heat, meaning it’s impossible for them to burn and kill your plants. And because your crops will transpire less, that also means you’ll use less cooling, water, and fertilizer! You’ll be able to save money and resources because they run with a cool temperature.

They conserve energy

Aside from saving money, LED grow lights also conserve energy. These lights are the answers to any indoor grower’s prayers. They can save up to 40% of energy, offering you a much bearable electricity bill. LEDs are more efficient even if they use less energy. That’s because they distribute light hemispherically, which means they don’t waste energy and light. Seriously, they just caused a significant change in indoor gardening! Plus, these lights can last up to 50,000 hours or 10 years, which means you won’t have to deal with frequent replacements and upgrades.

They promote sustainable living


Did you know that almost all LEDs can be reused? Recycling them is possible because they do not contain toxic substances such as mercury. That’s the small picture. And the big picture? Buying LED grow lights will make you a participant in a sustainable environment for the next generations. How wonderful!

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