Green Cities

5 of the World’s Greenest Cities

Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen consistently makes it to the list of greenest cities in the world. This bike-friendly city has an impressive network of bicycling infrastructure that makes it safe and convenient for its residents and visitors to get around on two wheels. Over the years, it has also shown its commitment in green leadership by exploring ways to innovate and put environment-friendly measures in place.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Plan shows its level of commitment to urban sustainability. The city is home to numerous parks and public spaces. It is also known for its use of renewable sources of energy which help in keeping the city’s air clean.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
This bike-friendly city is home to many cyclists. It is also committed to reducing its CO2 emissions through its 2040 Energy Strategy. Over the years, it has displayed green leadership especially in the use of renewable energy.

Stockholm, Sweden
Eco-friendly and efficient public transportation system, sustainable energy use, and lots of green spaces are just some of the top reasons why Stockholm consistently earns a spot in the world’s greenest cities list.

Renewable energy, a sustainability plan, and plenty of green spaces are just some of the things that make Singapore a sustainable city state. Its Gardens by the Bay is a prime example of the country’s commitment to eco-friendly initiatives.